Our Emergency Equipment Division was established in 2006 with the mission to provide the aviation industry with high quality, lower cost emergency medical equipment designed to meet customers’ unique specifications while exceeding regulatory standards.

We are currently certified by the Federal Aviation Authorities (F.A.A. / E.A.S.A.) and drug Division of Medical Quality Assurance of the State of Florida as a device manufacturer and prescription drugs re-packager for the make, sale, re-certification, distribution and exchange of:

Aircraft First Aid Kits (F.A.K.)

Emergency Medical Kits (E.E.M.K / E.M.K.)

Automated External Defibrillator (A.E.D.)

Philips Medical Systems authorized distributor

FAK, AED and EMK installation brackets for all aircraft applications

Aircraft On-board Lightweight Wheelchair

We also source and supply a wide variety of aircraft emergency equipment products and technologies including On-Board Transport Wheelchairs.

Aircraft Aero-Chair™

Our Aircraft On-board Lightweight Wheelchair, the Aero-Chair™, has been designed in an effort to produce a dynamic, ergonomic, lightweight wheelchair that saves storage space and is easy to operate.

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Every unit that Aerospace Accessory Service, Inc manufactures and supplies comply with F.A.R. Part 121 Appendix A requirements, as well as F.A.A, E.A.S.A., OPS 1.745, and OPS 1.755 regulations. Given that we are a fully certified repair station, we are able to provide 8130 and teardown reports.

As an O.E.M., Aerospace Accessory Service, Inc can custom make F.A.K.s, E.M.K.s and Survival Kits in order to meet specific airline requirements; with a standard turn around time of 48 hours, our customers immediately enjoy of 15% to 30% savings and reduced storage costs.